Cats and Dragons

Why are cats, especially black ones, the typical companions of witches? Why not a nice, shiny dragon?

Cats are especially good entropy engines. I know, I’ve lived with (at least) one for over 50 years of my life. They knock things over and don’t put them back; they are messy eaters, and terrible at cleaning up their dining area; they scatter litter about, even if you work hard to prevent that. They’re noted for getting on a table or counter and pushing all the small items off to the floor. Newton didn’t really watch an apple fall, he owned a cat. (That’s my story, anyway.)

Dragons wouldn’t do that. Well, okay; maybe miniature ones would. But a witch can’t ride a miniature dragon very easily, unless she’s a shapeshifter and can shrink accordingly. No, most witches would want a full-sized, cantankerous, napalm-fueled wyrm, I believe. Easier to ride, much more useful for keeping the local populace in line. And such a dragon can easily find gold and jewels, so the witch doesn’t have to sell services anymore.

Cats, they’re notoriously bad at paying the rent.

So I think that, whoever put cats with witches in the first place didn’t really understand cats. Or witches. Or dragons…

Changing Folklore, One Animal at a Time…

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