Script Frenzy Underway; NaNoWriMo Only 7 Months Off

Yes, creative insomnia is interfering with my life. Again. So I thought I’d write here rather than waste the juice…

Over at the Office of Letters and Light, the 2012 version of Script Frenzy is under way. I wish them all well; scripts are something I simply don’t understand yet. Maybe someday, but for now I’m concentrating on getting novel construction done well. The last month, when I was absent from here quite a bit, I was building several plots that I think have good potential.

This month (and next) I plan to get some prose down on (electronic) paper and see what happens. I’ve also been learning more about Storybook (the software) too. If only the editor portion was nice and full-featured! Instead, I’ve decided that Storybook’s really only a tracking software, with a few other quirks. I suppose I’ll have to look elsewhere to find that great marriage of tools that will become my standard novel development suite.

NaNoWriMo’s only seven months away now. If you’re a planner, it’s time to get going on that stuff! Oh, you may thing it’s too far away yet. However, I bring to your attention that it’s already been four full months since the last fiction marathon ended (successfully for you, I hope); the months can get away from you in a hurry!

Frenzy to the Left of Us, Madness to the Right…

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