Two Weeks to Go…

Not a lot of time left to get ready! I’ve been adding details to my plots and storyboards, outlining the pieces I think will be tough to write. I’ve also been spending time on the forums, and practicing my Dragon and other software skills.

I think I’ll give WriteWay Pro a try this go-round, at least for the first work. If it slows me down too much, I’ll back up and go the usual route.

I’ve built my word tracking spreadsheet and populated it with the new goal. Looks mighty empty; that used to scare me, back when I was a noob. Now it gets my heart rate up a bit—I’m ready to go!

I also put together my sponsorship page and set a goal there. Heck, I really don’t expect to get anything. However, if you don’t ask, you for sure don’t get…

Antsy-Pansty: Let’s Get Started!

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