One Week Until NaNoWriMo Kickoff

I’ve been absent a bit, madly working on three plots so I’ll have enough material to take me to 210,000 words and beyond this year. Not that I’m guaranteeing anything! Always good to be prepared, though. Three plots seems like a lot, but one never knows when one might get bogged down and need to start again, to get the true win.

Besides, all three stories are ones I’ve been aiming to write. If I finish one and start the other two, I’ll be golden. (No, wait; Sonia’s the Golden in the household.)

Hard to believe that there’s just a week left before the opening bell. I’ve even gotten wind of some “Sooners” who may break over the line early and try to take the best sentences for themselves. I suppose it happens.

Besides, just like it’s always five o’clock somewhere, it’s always midnight somewhere else…

Hurry-Scurry, One More Week…

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