Tablets and Writing: Microsoft Surface Review

There are getting to be a variety of choices in tablets in the marketspace these days. Shoot, we even own an iPad. (Okay, I’m not proud of that, but there it is.) PJ loves the thing, and she’s actually learning to use it for more than games.

As serious hardware, though, they still leave a lot behind. Especially if you’re a writer. Oh, if you are determined enough you can write on one, but not for very long; at least that’s been my experience. Too little functionality overall in the software, and physical comfort is, shall we say, minimal. They’re good for a note or two, and especially for reading.

But a serious writer will usually find tablets wanting.

However, one reviewer has taken a long look at the new Microsoft Surface as a writing productivity tool, and found a gem in the rough.

The reviewer, Kevin Hall, points out three attributes of a mobile device that a serious writer has to have: Easy to tote, no frills, easy to type on. He’s looked at iPad and MacBook Air, and found them weak on text processing. A little too much “no frills” there. The Surface, however, is okay in this regard, and that’s a key item for someone who intends to pound some keys long-term on the device. Yes, it’s still a first-gen device; not all the warts and hair have been sanded off.

If you’re a writer and looking at tablets, maybe you should look at the Surface as an option. If you’re not quite ready to plunk down cash, at least watch this one for improvements in the coming year or two…

Getting Better; Not There Yet…

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