Illness Over (I Hope); Back to Writing

I hate being sick. A lot. The good news is, I missed the ‘flu bug (so far); the bad news is, don’t even consider getting whatever that head cold bug is that’s going around. (I’d give you the gory details, but I don’t want to lose both my readers.)

At least I got some time to read and think. Did a bit of note-taking for plots.

Not much else, though. For the next couple of days I’ll be working, actually, with some local travel (about 100 miles each way), so I won’t get a lot of writing in. But enough, while I continue to recover.

For the future, I’ve worked through some materials on my Kindle that I’ll review. Good advice for writers, with some caveats. I’ll also get back to organizing the writers’ group here locally. Hopefully they’ve all been too busy to notice my absence…

Better Health This Year, I Hope…

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