World’s Quickest Bar Guide, Now Available For Kindle

It’s the publishing event you’ve all been waiting for! The Accidental Novelist is pleased to announce that our sister organization, White Jade Books, has finally gotten off the dime produced its first electronic book concerning food and drink: The World’s Quickest Bar Guide, exclusively for Amazon’s Kindle. If you’re a Prime customer with Amazon […]


If He Can Publish, Surely I Can…

Whitley Streiber wrote a book titled Communion a quarter century ago. Since then, he’s lost his wife, his financial stability and more. But he still publishes; his latest is Solving the Communion Enigma. He has a radio show. He has a following.

He also makes fruitcakes appear positively nut-allergen safe.

I don’t know how he […]


Ten Awful Truths of Publishing Today

A recent post by Steven Piersanti, President of Berrett-Koehler Publishers, proposes Ten Awful Truths about the situation facing today’s book-publishing industry. Some examples:

The number of books published in the U.S. has exploded (tripled in four years). Average book sales are shockingly small, and falling fast. Most book marketing is done by authors, not publishers. […]


Self-Published Bestseller; Will It Work for You?

Darcie Chan is an environmental lawyer. Okay, we forgive her. She’s also a best-selling novelist, with over 400,000 copies of her book, The Mill River Recluse, already sold. There’s only one small problem, hardly worth mentioning: She doesn’t have a publisher.

Ms. Chan shopped her novel to over 100 literary agents and none took the […]