Tablets and Writing: Microsoft Surface Review

There are getting to be a variety of choices in tablets in the marketspace these days. Shoot, we even own an iPad. (Okay, I’m not proud of that, but there it is.) PJ loves the thing, and she’s actually learning to use it for more than games.

As serious hardware, though, they still leave a […]


Marfa Shadows: A Solid Mystery, a Fun Read

One of my Christmas presents was a signed, hardbound copy of Marfa Shadows, by John DeMers (Houston: Bright Sky Press, 2010). This novel is a mystery set in the small, west Texas town famous for odd lights in the sky, some nights. Like many small towns in Texas the last couple of decades, lots of […]


Write-a-Thon (the Book, Not the Event)

Although it was a few day earlier than we expected, Santa stopped by the sprawling ol’ estate that houses the Accidental Novelist’s offices to drop off some goodies. (Also to reclaim some wayward Elves who were drinking up our booze and eating us out of house and home overdue back at the shop up […]


Book Review: Add “The Plot Whisperer” to Your Collection?

If you’re like me you’ve read several books on how to craft a novel or screenplay. (And skimmed so many others.) Every writer has strengths and weaknesses, and plotting a large project is one of mine. I found Blockbuster Plots by Martha Alderson some years ago, and read it carefully; but I wasn’t ready at […]


Texas Novelist Dislocates North

Most people who have to move for work, or love, or both, we say they’re relocating. However, if it’s a Texan leaving his home state, that’s clearly not the truth. No, the poor fella (or cowgirl) is dislocating. Such is the case of Bruce Machart, a novelist who now lives north of Boston. He moved […]


The Writer’s Bookshelf: “The Anatomy of Story” by John Truby

[This begins an occasional-Friday series of book reviews. Most of the books will cover the writer’s craft, tools and techniques to help us all make the leap to published, and ultimately successful, author. –Ed.]

John Truby is a man we should pay attention to if we’re interested in shaping more effective stories. He’s a successful […]