Script Frenzy Underway; NaNoWriMo Only 7 Months Off

Yes, creative insomnia is interfering with my life. Again. So I thought I’d write here rather than waste the juice…

Over at the Office of Letters and Light, the 2012 version of Script Frenzy is under way. I wish them all well; scripts are something I simply don’t understand yet. Maybe someday, but for now […]


The Writer’s Bookshelf: “The Anatomy of Story” by John Truby

[This begins an occasional-Friday series of book reviews. Most of the books will cover the writer’s craft, tools and techniques to help us all make the leap to published, and ultimately successful, author. –Ed.]

John Truby is a man we should pay attention to if we’re interested in shaping more effective stories. He’s a successful […]