Illness Over (I Hope); Back to Writing

I hate being sick. A lot. The good news is, I missed the ‘flu bug (so far); the bad news is, don’t even consider getting whatever that head cold bug is that’s going around. (I’d give you the gory details, but I don’t want to lose both my readers.)

At least I got some time […]


Not Much Writing Today; Pepper Jelly in Progress…

I’m taking a short break from preparations for NaNoWriMo. I have a ton of peppers to process, so I’ll be cooking up some habanero jelly batches today. In and around other small chores, such as making dinner. Minor items like that.

I hope your NaNo preps are going well! I’ll be back tomorrow, maybe…


Script Frenzy Underway; NaNoWriMo Only 7 Months Off

Yes, creative insomnia is interfering with my life. Again. So I thought I’d write here rather than waste the juice…

Over at the Office of Letters and Light, the 2012 version of Script Frenzy is under way. I wish them all well; scripts are something I simply don’t understand yet. Maybe someday, but for now […]


Time Out…

Things will get spotty around here for a bit. I’ve got an idea for a novel, and I’m trying to bring up some new technology in addition to the Plot Lab. In other words, I’ll be busy. So if you don’t hear from me for a bit, don’t get too concerned.

Of course, if I’m […]


January’s Dead; Did You Meet Your Goals?

I didn’t, and I’ll be the first to admit it. Too few words to satisfy; so now I know where my focus for February is. However, I did get some stuff done that was on the List:

More info here on the Accidental Novelist. The Plot Lab built and running. Several books on writing consumed. […]


New Look, Same Ol’ Novelist

I’ve completed the theme transfer for the Accidental Novelist. To the extent that any such makeover is ever complete; there’s always something to consider changing! However, I found the WordPress Twenty Eleven theme to be too restrictive, and with too many quirks when handling pictures. For now I’ve gone with an old standby, Atahualpa, and […]


Day Two, and Already There’s Trouble…

Nothing I can’t overcome, you understand. However, I’m in a big quandary about what sort of template to use for this WordPress site. The one I’m using now (Twenty Eleven 1.2) came with and is apparently the default. It looks okay and all. I’m having the usual difficulties with themes, though; really start building in […]


And We’re Live in 3, 2, …

During my struggles with NaNoWriMo 2011 I got the idea for this site. Now that the dust has settled from that monumental, tiring effort I’ve decided to launch my idea…

What’s the plan here? Well, ‘plan’ is a really big word. Let’s just say I intend to grow this site to include ideas for novels, […]