Think a Fiction Formula is a Bad Idea? Think Again…

Another year. Another NaNoWriMo win. Another story fail. Sound familiar?

I completed another NNWM this year, in spite of working full-time. That’s the good news. I can write enough each day to reach the goal of 50K words in 30 days. The bad news is, the story’s terrible. In fact, it’s not really a […]


Writers’ Basics: Key Terms Explained

Here’s a growth arc most all of us writers go through, once we decide we want to write. First, we don’t know how to talk about stories; about their skeleton, their foundation, how stories are developed, and so on. We simply know we have one to tell. Next, we start learning about concept, theme, development […]


Uglier Than a Monkey’s Armpit and Other Fine Images

Are you a fan of simile and metaphor? You are, whether you know it or not. Let’s face it, at some level all language is metaphor. As writers we have to avoid the cliché part of metaphor, at least most of the time. You have to admit, though, that it’s all “Figures of Speech” at […]