Plotting a Mystery: The Christie Method, Sort Of

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One thing I’ve learned in my life is always steal from model on the best. Since I use a method very similar to that of Agatha Christie’s, I thought I’d share what I’ve learned. First, a caution: Christie was deranged when it came to method; that […]


On This Day in History…

Absolutely nothing happened. Relating to writers, I mean. Can’t find a thing.

What did happen? Well, 168 years ago the Dominican Republic gained independence from Haiti. Seems the father of that split has fallen on hard times, compared to the child. Maybe Haiti should have gone along for the ride?

The Reichstag building was destroyed […]


Thanks, Chuck!

Today is Charles Dickens’ birthday; 200 years ago he came into this world, and just over 140 ago he left it. His writings have tortured and engaged schoolchildren around the world ever since, and not a few of his novels have made the motion pictures. (I’m not sure if that’s a rousing endorsement or a […]


The English Murder Mystery: Still Popular?

The murder mystery is one of my favorite genres. A good read and a great puzzle, all in one nice, hand-sized package. I especially enjoy those written by British authors and based in some historical period. Somehow, it seems the British authors were the best at setting a mood, hiding the clues, and most of […]


Self-Published Bestseller; Will It Work for You?

Darcie Chan is an environmental lawyer. Okay, we forgive her. She’s also a best-selling novelist, with over 400,000 copies of her book, The Mill River Recluse, already sold. There’s only one small problem, hardly worth mentioning: She doesn’t have a publisher.

Ms. Chan shopped her novel to over 100 literary agents and none took the […]