World’s Quickest Bar Guide, Now Available For Kindle

It’s the publishing event you’ve all been waiting for! The Accidental Novelist is pleased to announce that our sister organization, White Jade Books, has finally gotten off the dime produced its first electronic book concerning food and drink: The World’s Quickest Bar Guide, exclusively for Amazon’s Kindle. If you’re a Prime customer with Amazon […]


The English Murder Mystery: Still Popular?

The murder mystery is one of my favorite genres. A good read and a great puzzle, all in one nice, hand-sized package. I especially enjoy those written by British authors and based in some historical period. Somehow, it seems the British authors were the best at setting a mood, hiding the clues, and most of […]


I Win!

Whoever dies with the most writing books wins, right? Well, I finally got the whole pile together from Christmas. My family and friends gave me fifteen books on writing! More than enough to keep me busy this year. Books on systems for writing the novel; books on building plot; books on editing. All very useful, […]


Does Eric Edson Have the Story Solution?

I’ve now worked my way through the first of my great Christmas gifts, The Story Solution by Eric Edson. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I got insights into why my fiction isn’t working. Certainly worth the price of admission! But let’s not run ahead too far…

Who is Eric Edson and why should we pay […]


Any Good Books for You This Christmas?

I got lots of books this Christmas. Did you? I got “how to” books, fiction, history and more. Books, books, books! Let us know what Santa brought for you to read as the New Year rolls out!

My new fiction is a murder-mystery that looks very intriguing: Marfa Shadows. For those of you who don’t […]


Write-a-Thon (the Book, Not the Event)

Although it was a few day earlier than we expected, Santa stopped by the sprawling ol’ estate that houses the Accidental Novelist’s offices to drop off some goodies. (Also to reclaim some wayward Elves who were drinking up our booze and eating us out of house and home overdue back at the shop up […]


Ten Awful Truths of Publishing Today

A recent post by Steven Piersanti, President of Berrett-Koehler Publishers, proposes Ten Awful Truths about the situation facing today’s book-publishing industry. Some examples:

The number of books published in the U.S. has exploded (tripled in four years). Average book sales are shockingly small, and falling fast. Most book marketing is done by authors, not publishers. […]


Book Review: Add “The Plot Whisperer” to Your Collection?

If you’re like me you’ve read several books on how to craft a novel or screenplay. (And skimmed so many others.) Every writer has strengths and weaknesses, and plotting a large project is one of mine. I found Blockbuster Plots by Martha Alderson some years ago, and read it carefully; but I wasn’t ready at […]


The Series Book Release Calendar

It’s late, but not too late to share this link with you: The Series Book Release Calendar. You can see, day by day, projected releases of fiction of all types at the FictFact site. I like the overview calendar at the top, telling you how many books will be released on any chosen day. Click […]


Self-Published Bestseller; Will It Work for You?

Darcie Chan is an environmental lawyer. Okay, we forgive her. She’s also a best-selling novelist, with over 400,000 copies of her book, The Mill River Recluse, already sold. There’s only one small problem, hardly worth mentioning: She doesn’t have a publisher.

Ms. Chan shopped her novel to over 100 literary agents and none took the […]