Think a Fiction Formula is a Bad Idea? Think Again…

Another year. Another NaNoWriMo win. Another story fail. Sound familiar?

I completed another NNWM this year, in spite of working full-time. That’s the good news. I can write enough each day to reach the goal of 50K words in 30 days. The bad news is, the story’s terrible. In fact, it’s not really a […]


The English Murder Mystery: Still Popular?

The murder mystery is one of my favorite genres. A good read and a great puzzle, all in one nice, hand-sized package. I especially enjoy those written by British authors and based in some historical period. Somehow, it seems the British authors were the best at setting a mood, hiding the clues, and most of […]


The 21 Fiction Genres (And Their Cousins)

I was reviewing a section of a book I read some years ago titled Story Structure Architect. Because I’ve recently been sensitized to the need to have one’s fiction properly categorized, I quickly became interested (that’s code for got way off task) in an early chapter called The 21 Genres.  So, according to Victoria Lynn […]