Two Weeks to Go…

Not a lot of time left to get ready! I’ve been adding details to my plots and storyboards, outlining the pieces I think will be tough to write. I’ve also been spending time on the forums, and practicing my Dragon and other software skills.

I think I’ll give WriteWay Pro a try this go-round, at […]


Looking to Bag a Big Impossapotamus This Season

It’s still three weeks until the kickoff, but I’m already on the hunt. Or at least getting the big guns all polished and loaded. I intend to score my biggest win ever this year at NaNoWriMo, something like 210,000 words. It’s aggressive, but I had so many days last year that were around 7,000 each […]


January’s Dead; Did You Meet Your Goals?

I didn’t, and I’ll be the first to admit it. Too few words to satisfy; so now I know where my focus for February is. However, I did get some stuff done that was on the List:

More info here on the Accidental Novelist. The Plot Lab built and running. Several books on writing consumed. […]