SAT Novels: Who’s Writing One?

There’s a special kind of young adult book category out there: the SAT Novel. Ever hear of them? Better yet, are you writing one?

I have lots of questions. Where’s the best source of words found on the SAT tests? How do you get your hands on the list? Are there standards for language level, […]


Marfa Shadows: A Solid Mystery, a Fun Read

One of my Christmas presents was a signed, hardbound copy of Marfa Shadows, by John DeMers (Houston: Bright Sky Press, 2010). This novel is a mystery set in the small, west Texas town famous for odd lights in the sky, some nights. Like many small towns in Texas the last couple of decades, lots of […]


Does Eric Edson Have the Story Solution?

I’ve now worked my way through the first of my great Christmas gifts, The Story Solution by Eric Edson. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I got insights into why my fiction isn’t working. Certainly worth the price of admission! But let’s not run ahead too far…

Who is Eric Edson and why should we pay […]