Mystery Plots: On Paper? Or Software?

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In this stream of posts on Mystery Plotting (and elsewhere) I’ve mentioned using large paper strips as part of the plot building process. While that’s nice, it can get to be Very Messy. And once you have a paper plot in hand, it’s often not that […]


What Software Do You Use to Assist Your Writing Process?

Do you use any special software to help you with your writing endeavors? I know there are a lot of packages out there, and I know from my own experience that using Microsoft Word for large book projects is tough. Oh, it works well enough to get started, but once you’ve got a couple dozen […]


Day Two, and Already There’s Trouble…

Nothing I can’t overcome, you understand. However, I’m in a big quandary about what sort of template to use for this WordPress site. The one I’m using now (Twenty Eleven 1.2) came with and is apparently the default. It looks okay and all. I’m having the usual difficulties with themes, though; really start building in […]