It’s New Year’s Eve; Any Writing Resolutions?

I know you’re probably out partying about now, and not thinking at all about resolutions. But just in case you’re home, why not pause and outline some thoughts on what you’ll commit to for your writing.

I’m planning to run with the NaNoWriMo crowd again in November. However, there’s a lot of 2012 to cover […]


Does Eric Edson Have the Story Solution?

I’ve now worked my way through the first of my great Christmas gifts, The Story Solution by Eric Edson. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I got insights into why my fiction isn’t working. Certainly worth the price of admission! But let’s not run ahead too far…

Who is Eric Edson and why should we pay […]


The Writer’s Bookshelf: “The Anatomy of Story” by John Truby

[This begins an occasional-Friday series of book reviews. Most of the books will cover the writer’s craft, tools and techniques to help us all make the leap to published, and ultimately successful, author. –Ed.]

John Truby is a man we should pay attention to if we’re interested in shaping more effective stories. He’s a successful […]